Zenka Loan Limit | Learn how to Increase Loan Limit Zenka & Other Loan Apps

Zenka Loan Limit: Learn how you can increase your loan limit, get your loan application form urgent approval, and increase your level and minimize your interest rates. All these above are what we are about to fully discuss with you in this content.


The online financial institution platform in a couple times makes an update to improve the quality of b their services. In recent months, there has been an update about its new products and promotions that gives their new users free interest loans of about Ksh 5,000 giving them 61 days to repay.

Zenka is popular for its low-interest rates and high loan limit to its customers.

                      Zenka Vs Other Loan Platforms

For me, Zenka is the best place to be when it comes to online loan platforms since they are the only platform that gives me a loan for my first of obtaining a loan from them without interest. When I remember about the platform, it reminds me of a certain online loan platform that I borrowed some amount of money from, when it is time for me to repay the loan even before the due date. The platform charged me more than their normal interest rate. To make everything worse, it was my first of obtaining a loan from the platform as it was recommended to me by a friend. The loan on the other hand did not even reach the due date.

Why you should choose Zenka

But as for Zenka, my first of trying them to know if they really abide by what they say about 0% interest rate for their first-time customers. After I applied for a loan on their platform, by completing the processes required, in less than 5 minutes I was credited.

When it is time for me to repay the loan in the options I saw “Loan Extension’’, I decided to click, as I did, it redirected me to another page where I apply for my loan to be extended for another 30 days because I want to know if they what they claim to be.

To make everything short, after all these, they prove that they are the best when it comes to online loans.

These are what make them popular across Africa. They show empathy, and interest and consider their customers. These days, one hardly sees a company that puts the interest of its customers on its agenda especially when it comes to what will be of benefit to them.

In the case of Zenka, they know that their actions with their customers determine their development. For this, they put their customer’s interests into consideration and it has gained their good reputation and contributed to the growth of their business.

Is Zenka Reliable?

Any company that considers its customers trying to improve on the services they offer to its customer’s worth reliable. They are tested and trusted online financial institution platforms on the internet. You can even try it for yourself and find out if there is any online loan platform that can grant you the opportunity to obtain a loan from them without interest, but Zenka does. Is just as if they give you money to use and solve your immediate problem and give it back to them on the agreed date. Not only that, they even give you a repayment date extension to enable fully cater for the money with ease.

Can you borrow money from Zenka for your business?

Of course Yes. Empowering entrepreneurs to embark on their journey towards financial inclusion and shape their economic trajectory is one of their major goals and this is what made them create the loan extension to allow the businessman or woman full be stable with their business before repayment.

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Who can obtain a loan from Zenka?

Anyone can borrow money from the Zenka loan as far as you are 18 years and above. But you must have the Nation Identification Number or Card, and own a smartphone that will help you to fill out a loan application online.

How can you borrow money from Zenka?

You can obtain from Zenka in many ways which include

But here I will give the shortest process and easy to apply for a loan which is the USSD code *841#.

Zenka Loan Limit and Interest Rates

The Zenka loan offer ranges from Ksh 500 to Ksh 30,000 with a processing fee of about 9% to 39%. But as for those applying through USSD, the maximum or limit is Ksh 10,000.

Above all, loan limit increment depends on how often you borrow money and pay it back to them, this is what counts your loan limit increment.


Who owns Zenka?

Zenka Finance and other popular apps like Branch, and Tala are owned by Latvian businessman Aigars Kesenfelds.

How can I get a Zenka loan without a smartphone?

If you do not have a smartphone and you wish to borrow money from Zenka, here is what you should do, dial *841#, enter your PIN, and select the option “Apply for a loan”.

How much can I borrow from Zenka?

You can borrow from Ksh 500 to Ksh 30,000 from Zenka

How much does Zenka for the first time?

If it is your first time borrowing money from Zenka, you are only eligible to borrow Ksh 500.

How can I communicate with Zenka?

If you wish to communicate with Zenka, you can do using one of the following processes, mobile number +245-020-7650878, or email support@zenka .co.ke. Or you can visit their official website. https://zenkafinance.com/

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