Xiamen University Scholarships | International Students Scholarship

Xiamen University Scholarships are currently available for all International Students that wish to study in China.

Scholarships for undergraduate, master, and doctoral International applicants at the Xiamen University China, in accordance with the Chinese Government Scholarship Programme.

Xiamen University provides five categories of scholarships for international students:

Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius China Studies Program, Confucius Institute Scholarship, and Xiamen University Scholarship.

Here the editor will give you some information on how to apply for Xiamen University Scholarship.

Eligible Countries: International

To be taken at (country): Xiamen University, China

Xiamen University Scholarships Description

The Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China has collaborated with Xiamen University for MOFCOM.

This Scholarship helps to strengthen the cooperation and communication between other countries and China alongside recognizing talents from developing countries.

MOFCOM Scholarship has been sponsoring young and middle-aged students globally to pursue their postgraduate degrees in China.

Xiamen University is founded in China by the Chinese leader Mr. Tan Kah Kee.

The University is included in Type A universities designated by the Chinese Government to achieve world-class standing and was placed among the world’s top 400 institutions in various authoritative world universities rankings, such as THE, QS, US News, and ARWU.

If you are looking for scholarship opportunities to study in China—here’s your chance!

Accepted Subject Areas:

Most undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs are taught in Chinese.

However, these courses are offered in the English language and are eligible for the scholarship among other Chinese-taught courses.

Degree Level:

Xiamen University China MOFCOM Scholarship-CSC Program 2022/2023 is available to undertake Masters level programs at Xiamen University.

Available Subjects:

The following subjects are available to study under this scholarship program.

All Subjects

Scholarship Benefits:
  1. Students are exempt from tuition fees, teaching material fees, research and survey fees, allowance of English-taught programs, dissertation guidance fees;
  2. Free on-campus accommodation;
  3. Monthly stipend: 36000RMB per year per master’s student and 42000RMB per year per Ph.D. student;
  1. One-off resettlement fee: 3000RMB per person;
  2. Free medical insurance for international students;
  3. One-time round-trip international airfare for all the students (First time fly to China after enrollment, and Fly back to the home country while graduation).

And a maximum of “n-1” (“n” is for the length of schooling year which is set while the student was enrolled by the program.

“n” is less than or equal to three) round-trip international airfares for home visits (one time per year set at the end of an academic year);

  1. The annual review is compulsory for all students. Those who pass the review may continue to enjoy full scholarships in the next year.
  2. Other expenses shall be managed and used by the Ministry of Commerce or the universities as a whole, and shall not be distributed to students.

The Ministry of Commerce only provides students with financial assistance within their enrolled academic duration.

Students who postpone their graduation will not receive the continuing sponsorship

Masters Programme:
  • Chinese Philosophy
  • Civil and Commercial Law
  • International Relations
  • International Business
  • Marine Affairs
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Physical Chemistry (Electrochemistry)
  • Finance (Applied Finance)
  • Financial Engineering
  • Western Economics
Doctoral Programme:
  • Archaeology & Museology
  • History of Specialized Field
  • Chinese Modern and Contemporary History
  • World History
  • Anthropology
  • Statistics
  • World Economy
  • International Trade
  • Energy Economics
  • Western Economics
  • Finance
  • Quantitative Economics
  • Statistics
  • Labor Economics
  • Regional Economics
  • International Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • English Language and Literature
  • Electromechanical Engineering
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Radio Physics
  • Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Probability & Mathematical Statistics
  • Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Chemistry and Physics of Polymers
  • Materials Physics and Chemistry
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Chemistry
  • Marine Physics
  • Marine Geology
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Marine Biotechnology
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Management
  • World Economy
  • Theory of Political Science
  • History of Specialized Field

First, in terms of the application for the Chinese Government Scholarship, please refer to How to Apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship

In terms of the application for the Confucius Institute Scholarship, please refer to How to Apply for Confucius Institute Scholarship.

Eligible Nationalities:

All Nationalities

Xiamen University Scholarships Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must:

-be a citizen of a developing country other than the People’s Republic of China, and under the age of 45;

-be healthy physically and mentally with a physical examination report issued by a local public hospital, and not having any disease or situation listed below:

  1. a) Diseases prohibited by Chinese Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Laws and Regulations
  2. b) Other severe chronic diseases like high blood pressure, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, diabetes; psychological diseases; or other infectious diseases which may harm public health
  3. c) In the recovery period after major surgery or acute disease attacks
  4. d) Severely physically challenged
  5. e) Pregnancy

-with at least three years working experience, and be a bachelor’s degree holder when applying for a master’s program;

-be incumbents with a relevant educational background or working experience to the applied program are preferred;

-be public officials of division level and above (or corresponding level) in government sectors, or senior management staff of organizations and enterprises, or academic backbones of universities and research institutions;

-make sure you’re  sufficient in English which meets the academic requirements of Xiamen University’s English-medium programs, be equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80 and above level;

-make sure you have the potential for professional development, and is committed to promoting friendly exchanges and cooperation between the host country and China;

-be neither studying in China nor being admitted to other scholarship programs provided by Chinese government.

Xiamen University Scholarships Application Procedure

Please carefully read the instructions before applying for the scholarship.

Step 1: Visit the “CSC Study in China” website and click “Scholarship Application for Students” at http://www.campuschina.org

Register an account through [CREATE AN ACCOUNT] and log in with your account.

Step 2: Input Personal Details. Click “Edit Personal Details” and finish inputting personal details by filling in all the information, verifying, and saving the information.

After the completion of this section, return to the previous page by clicking “Finish” and start filling in your application information.

Step 3: Select the correct “Program Category”.

Please select Program Category “Type A”. (Only for applicants of MOFCOM Scholarship-CSC Program)

Step 4: Input the correct Agency Number.

Your Agency Number is 00010. (Only for applicants of MOFCOM Scholarship-CSC Program)

Program Category and Agency Number are directly matched, both are mandatory for online application. Scholarship-receiving authorities (or application processing authorities) will inform the program category and agency number of candidates who are qualified for applying.

After inputting the agency number, the matched agency name will automatically show on the page.

As Program Category and Agency Number are directly matched, application processing authorities will not receive your online application if the program category or agency number is not correct.

Step 5: Input Application Information

Next, please move on to the section “Language Proficiency and Study Plan” and upload.

“Supporting Documents” as requested, then click “Submit” to complete the application.

Check each part of your application carefully before submission.

Please make sure that all the information and uploaded documents are valid and accurate.

When applicants of “Type A” application choose the “Preferences of Institutes”.

The system will automatically match the available universities according to the selected.“Student Category, Preferred teaching language, and Major Applying for”.

With any inquiry concerning the available majors of each university, please visit the following website. http://www.campuschina.org/universities/index.html

How to Apply for Confucius China Studies Program Scholarship

“Xiamen University International Students Scholarship” was established in Apr 2006.

And the scholarship program contains two subprograms for new students and currently enrolled students.

When applying this scholarship, international students can contact teachers in the university and complete your application under the guidance of them.

Then the application will be judged by the Academic Affairs Office, the Admission Office and the Overseas Education College together.

For more information, you can contact the admission office of Xiamen University.

Xiamen University provides a variety of scholarship programs for international students, so take the chance to apply Xiamen University Scholarship.

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