ShopRite Recruitment 2022 | Job Application

Apply for ShopRite Recruitment 2022 for the various job openings via designated ShopRite Portals in Nigeria. ShopRite is also recruiting workers for branches in South Africa and other African countries.

In the case of Nigeria, the online retail portal has announced vacancies for positions in ShopRite branches in places like Ikeja, Port Harcourt, and Enugu.

Who can apply?

The ongoing ShopRite Recruitment 2022 is an open slot for all eligible applicants looking to contribute to the growth of the company.

So, the thing is to prepare in line with the criteria set by the company. Also, different branches might be free to prioritize specific attributes in workers in their eligibility criteria.

The post-application screening is typically at the ShopRite locations in Nigeria, implying that people in Kaduna, Ikeja, or Portharcourt will have to attend an interview at these places.

In this regard, we wish to guide the applicants on how to prepare for the process and also tip your chances of getting a position.

Read on below for details

ShopRite Recruitment 2022: Overview

Every year, big sales stores with branches in different countries accept applications from eligible applicants. After the period, the companies will have placed competent staffers in well-paid jobs.

ShopRite Recruitment 2022 is one of those yearly opportunities to upscale your career status. So, why should you give it a try? Consider these reasons below.

People look for jobs for various reasons, but these always coincide with _

  • Desire to live in a better part of the city,
  • Wanting to earn more to foot bills,
  • Social mobility, and
  • Better work conditions for staff.

For one of these reasons (or all), you may wish to apply for a new role in a company that better accommodates your terms. As it happens, a job at ShopRite can solve these problems. We’ll take them in steps.

Based on location and target customers, ShopRite branches are always in the best parts of the city or near enough. Proximity to the customers is one of the siting tips a consumer retails takes into consideration, anyway.

So, that’s a win for anyone looking to live in a better part of the city _ Ikeja and Port Harcourt are top-tier working-class hubs in Nigeria. after all.

Further, you can take a bigger paycheck home at the end of the month. People often look for a different jobs because of this. Nigeria makes for the perfect case, probably due to inflation.

Depending on your position with ShopRite, you can earn as much as three hundred thousand naira (₦300,000.00) in one of the medium-tier marketing roles. Administration pays more than this, of course. Don’t forget the ease of getting a raise. Workers get salary increments with time.

Moreover, working in a broad space with diverse departments exposes employees to sophistication. That is a shortcut to a relatively high social status. So, ShopRite jobs provide social mobility.

Below are the ShopRite Recruitment 2022 eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for ShopRite Recruitment

How do you qualify for the ongoing ShopRite Recruitment? By meeting the following criteria (they are merely general criteria; check the different departments for specifics).

Applicants in any country stand a better chance if they are citizens of that country either by birth or naturalization.

Only individuals with good public and social records are eligible to apply for this recruitment.

Also, depending on the personnel description (especially for security guards), ShopRite may require applicants to be 1.6m in height at least.


To boost your chances of getting a placement, read the following.

Minus any criminal records, the applicants must have zero social scandals or ruinous social records to avoid projecting the country in a bad light. Further, excellent communication skills and the ability to work with other employees in a broad environment are important.

Each department in the list below will require its specific criteria from applicants.

Sales Clerks

Sales Managers

Admin Managers

Branch Accountants

Trainee Managers

Branch Managers

Stock Administrators

Additionally, state labor laws consider employees below the age of consent as child laborers. So, applicants below 15 years will not stand a good chance with any ShopRite branch in Nigeria.

How do you apply for the ShopRite Recruitment 2022? See below for details.

ShopRite Recruitment _ How to Apply

Since you’d be applying for a job with a popular retail brand, ShopRite, you need to follow the guidelines correctly. Also, every activity at this stage happens online until applicants are called for interviews at the mall.

Only the shortlisted applicants will get calls for interviews.

Also, ShopRite does not use third parties or go-between agents to broker positions for people. So, don’t pay for those kinds of services. Here is how to prepare your application.

Send a professional email complete with a softcopy of your CV to (or for South Africans).

Ensure to provide references and other crucial details that can boost your chances without failing any criteria.

Upon receiving a call for an interview (if you are shortlisted), you can go to the mall you are applying at with your original CV.


If there is an announcement for multiple vacancies, the official website for the Nigerian branch will contain a copy. However, you can always follow these steps to apply for a job at any ShopRite mall in your location.

Other ShopRite Opportunities _ Bursaries

Apart from placements in ShopRite branches, the company (ShopRite Group) offers other benefits to develop and maintain a successful seller-consumer relationship. According to the site’s Careers at the Shoprite Group section,

“The Shoprite Group is the largest private-sector employer in South Africa and a leading employer in Africa.”

The company has been lauded as an Employer of Choice, receiving the SADEA Awards, with over R400 million invested in training.

So, apart from the annual ShopRite Recruitment 2022 cycles, you can benefit from the ShopRite Group Bursaries.

You can apply for a bursary to pursue a university degree in the following areas _


Information Technology,

Food Science,


Chartered Accounting,

Retail Business Management, and


Additionally, graduates through these bursaries can intern at the Data Science Academy. See details here _ LINK.

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