Shell Graduate Program 2022 | Shell’s Career Training Program

Shell graduate program 2022 –  the shell graduate programme is an innovative career training programme initiated by Shell group of companies. This program prepares graduates with the skills and ability to survive in this world which has numerous opportunities.

The Shell Graduate Program gives participating graduates the ability to develop and make a contribution in their chosen field through structured learning, practical projects, ongoing feedback, and encouraging coworkers. Join the shell graduate programme today and your career will never remain the same.

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Furthermore, the Shell graduate programme is divided into two areas. These are the technical areas and commercial functions areas. The two groups are classified according to the core mechanism involved.

However, participants will benefit from the best formal training available, advancing their profession, regardless of the area they join.

Shell graduate program is a two to five years career development program. Similarly, the duration of the program depends on the career path of the participants. Similarly, participants will immediately begin a thorough onboarding programme that will introduce them to every department of the company.

Visit Shell’s official website to learn more about the shell graduate program.

2022 Shell Graduate Programs Available in Nigeria

The following are some of the Shell graduate programs available in Nigeria:

  • Shell liveWIRE
  • 2022 Shell Nigeria students scholarship scheme
  • Shell Nigeria gas medicare program
  • 2022 shell Nigeria Nigeria student industrial training and internship program
  • Shell industry internship for Nigerian graduates

Application into the Shell Graduate Program

It is wise for all graduates to join the Shell graduate program. This is because you will receive unrivalled formal training that will advance your career regardless of whether you enrol in the Technical or Commercial Functions area of the Shell Graduate Programme.

The Shell graduate programs were created to provide exceptional graduates who have made it through the application process, with remarkable business education and training that are necessary for success in their career path.

Graduates with an interest in joining this program are to follow the application procedures and apply online. However, the online application for the shell graduate program involves rigorous processes. Nevertheless, we shall direct you on how to go about it with ease.

Application into the shell graduate program is divided into two major processes. Which are:

  • Online assessments; and
  • Final assessment.

During these stages, applicants are tested to ascertain their talent and the suitable career path for them. However, this stage commences after the application has been submitted. Similarly, let us look at how to apply for the shell graduate program.

To apply for the shell graduate program, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, visit the Shell graduate program webpage;
  • After that, click on the search option on the top right angle of the homepage;
  • Enter the following keyword into the search box – ‘graduate programs in Nigeria‘;
  • Similarly, Click on search to process;
  • From the results displayed which are available shell graduate programs in Nigeria, select any suitable one;
  • Also, ensure that you are eligible to work in Nigeria before applying;
  • Finally, complete the online application for the program selected.

Generally, this online application does not consume time. However, your LinkedIn profile can be connected to save you more time.

After the online application, starts the online assessments.

Online Assessments

This is the first stage in the Shell graduate program application process. Similarly, it starts immediately after the submission of an application. As the name implies, is characterized by a series of assessments.

During the online assessments, applicants will have to complete three online assessments namely: time cognitive test, working style assessment, and on-demand video interview. Furthermore, the entire process will take about 40 minutes, and it must be finished within 10 days of receiving the assessments.

Three components covering verbal abilities, mathematical abilities, and abstract reasoning will be inclusive in the time cognitive test. As the name implies, these tests are to test the speed of the applicant. Consequentially, each section would require four minutes to finish.

The working style assessment will evaluate your preferred behaviours and working style across several important personality traits. It usually only takes 10 to 12 minutes to complete, during which there will be no timer.

The on-demand video interview involves using a self-recorded video to talk about yourself with highlights on your qualifications. Also, you will record videos to answer questions from current shell graduates.

Good performance in these online assessments qualifies the applicant to progress to the final assessment.

Final Assessment

Final assessment as the name implies is the last stage in the Shell graduate program application process. It involves a physical session with about two professionals from Shell group.

In this session, you will get instructions to share your opinions on a case study that you will have 48 hours to evaluate before the meeting. Prior to this, thorough research is necessary on your part. However, you will be provided with more details as the session approaches.

Furthermore, a topic which is similar to your case study topic will be available to you on the day of your assessment, and you will have 20 minutes to prepare a presentation which will last for five minutes, on that topic.

Afterwards, these Shell professionals will query you with more scenarios for about thirty minutes after the presentation.

Finally, you will involve in a conversation in which you will have the chance to learn more about shell and vice-versa. Shell utilizes the most recent digital technology to bring the interview experience to you wherever you may be, in order to make it more practical and comfortable.


In conclusion, visit Shell graduate program webpage to learn more about the shell graduate program and how to apply.

Finally, visit our website at for regular updates on career advice, potential recruitments, job vacancies and many more.

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