Pepperstone Minimum Deposit – Methods & Withdrawal Fee 2022

Pepperstone Minimum Deposit, if this has been your fear drawing you back from starting a trade in your Pepperstone account.

We are here to give you all the details you deserve to know concerning Pepperstone’s minimum deposit and take away that fear from you.

This blog post will help discover if there is an actual minimum and maximum deposit on the Pepperstone individual trade account.

It will equally cover, Pepperstone Minimum withdrawal, Pepperstone Deposit Methods, and finally, Pepperstone Withdrawal Fee. So, we urge you to read and discover the above-listed topics.

Pepperstone is a Forex broker known for its high quality and standard trading instruments that it provides for its clients to help them enhance their trading ability. This includes educational programs that Pepperstone offers to its client to help them dig into the understanding of the Forex Marketing Environment and Trading Strategies.

Pepperstone Minimum Deposit

There is no minimum deposit if you have a trading account on Pepperstone. this show that the broker is an ideal one if you wish to start your trade with a small fund with Pepperstone.

The platform allows its users to try their luck and test their knowledge at the initial stage of their trading journey.

For this, I can say that Pepperstone is an ideal broker for anyone who wants to begin his or her investment journey with.

The platform allows you to start your trading journey with any amount that you have at the moment to start trading bit by bit so that you can get more experience in managing your investment.

By getting the experience and understanding of how you can manage your asset, you can then increase your funds. Brokers who do not require a minimum deposit like Pepperstone do so to encourage their clients to test their services without requiring huge funds at the initial time.

Here, we compared Pepperstone’s minimum deposit to other brokers.

Pepperstone minimum deposit vs. similar brokers

Pepperstone Axl IC Market
Minimum deposit $0 $0 $200


Generally, the actual recommended deposit to start trade with Pepperstone is $200 or approximately that. But in some cases, clients are allowed to deposit less than that.

However, if you want to trade in a big way and you wish to deposit beyond the minimum deposit amount, they are a couple of factors to put into consideration especially when you are moving towards opening an account at Pepperstone. These factors are the Pros. & Cons as listed below.

Pros Cons
No minimum deposit Non
Credit/Debit card deposit Non
No deposit fee Non


Note: Retail investor accounts suffer about 74% to 89% of fund loss when trading CFDs.

So while opening an account and moving toward investing big funds in your trade, I urge you to consider and ensure that you invest the minimum amount you can be able to afford.

Once again, make sure that what you are investing is what you can be able to overcome and continue with your trade whenever you lose your money in a trade.

Pepperstone Deposit Fees

The platform does not in any way charge you for a deposit fee. This is encouraging on the side of its clients because the broker won’t deduct any fee charge from your deposits. The only thing you check on is the service fee charged by the bank / third party you send the money.

To discover more on Pepperstone fees and others, check out the fee topic as discussed in our Pepperstone review.

Average transfer times for each method

  • Credit/debit card and online wallets: instant or a couple of hours
  • Wire transfer: 2-3 days

One thing about the deposit of funds in Pepperstone is that the process is not a user-friendly type though based on what we experienced in our last trial. Probably, it might be that the interface is not user-friendly compared to similar brokers.

Pepperstone Minimum Deposit – Deposit Currencies

Each trading has its own based currency, it is in that currency that the broker will hold your deposited currency with. Although, they are some brokers that offer more trading accounts with different based currencies.

Why is this important? – This is important because if you fund (make a deposit) your account in a different currency outside the based currency of your trading account, you will be charged a currency conversion fee. It may not be that important but you need to have that in your mind.

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USD, EUR, GBP, and in some cases, JPY. They are some brokers that offer more than this.

Note: Pepperstone offers 9 base currencies excluding minor currencies like NGN

Steps on sending the minimum deposit

The methods of sending your minimum deposit to Pepperstone involve the following steps, although they might vary in a slight way.

Open your broker account

To open an account, you will have to provide your personal details as well as government-issued documents like a Nation ID or driver’s license. After that, they will test your financial knowledge. And lastly, your identity and residency will be verified to ensure that all the details you provided are valid.

Some brokers offer the option of opening a trading account online. But it is not advisable for you to open a trading account online for it will put your asset on the high frisk if your account is hacked.

Steps on making the Deposit

You have to first sign in to your already opened trading account and then look for the deposit interface. Here you can select one of the deposit options mostly the method supported by the broker.

Here are the most used deposit methods

Wire transfer (bank transfer): to use this method, you will have to add your bank account number, which must be in your name, during the transfer, the broker will give a reference number that you will enter in the comment in your transaction. To enable them to identify your deposit.

Credit or debit cards: Here you will be required to enter your card details just like an online purchase. Ensure to use a card that is in your name. This is the most convenient, but in terms of large amounts, we encourage you to use the bank transfer method.

An online wallet like Payday: The method is just simple. During the deposit process, you will be asked to confirm your transaction by entering your username, password or transaction pin to continue the transaction.

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 Review your Transaction

It usually takes a couple of days for your deposit to reflect in your trading account, though it depends on the method you choose.

Pepperstone Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal is usually shown when you are completing your withdrawal request in the secure client area of your trading account profile.

Once you open trades on your account, you will be able to withdraw about 90% of your free margin.  The amount you can withdraw will change as the free margin of your account changes. This constantly updates.

Pepperstone Withdrawal Fee

The table below discusses all you need to know about the Pepperstone withdrawal fee

Domestic bank withdrawal Free for bank withdrawal in Australia
International bank withdrawal $20 fee per withdrawal
Credit/debit card withdrawal Free for credit/debit cards
Electronic wallets withdrawal 3% for PayPal and $1 for Skrill
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the minimum amount to trade with Pepperstone?

The actually recommended deposit to start trade with Pepperstone is $200 or approximately to that. But in some cases, clients are allowed to deposit less than that.

Does Pepperstone have a ZAR account?

Because the South African Rand is not one of the based currencies accepted by Pepperstone, South African traders with ZAR bank accounts will have to pay currency conversion fees.

How do I deposit money on Pepperstone?

All you have to do is log in to your secure client area and head to the Funds tab and select Add Funds. Once you choose the account you wish to fund, you’ll find a range of funding options you can choose one.

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