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Nord Motors Nigeria Price List – do you want to know the prices of the wonderful vehicles produced locally here in Nigeria? Am talking about Nord automobiles Nigeria limited. then let’s go.

Nord motors are one of the local automobile manufacturers and marketers in Nigeria. The company was founded by Mr Ajayi Oluwatobi, a prosperous and influential entrepreneur, in 2016.

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Nord automobiles are one of the top-selling brands in the Nigerian automobile industry. This comes as a result of their vehicle designs which is suitable for the terrain in Nigeria and sub-Saharan African countries.

We shall not forget to add that Nord motors offer durable casual and luxurious vehicles at very affordable prices.

Similarly, we are going to look at the Nord motors Nigeria price list as it stands this year and the details of each vehicle. In essence, we will kick off with the first vehicle.

Nord motors Nigeria price list 2022

Nord A3

This model is a medium size sedan. With an intrinsically stylish finish, the Nord A3 is designed to provide impressive comfort with safety at the backend. This vehicle comes in different types. There are currently two types available which are Eco and advantage. The price for the two varies.

Eco ₦8,360,000
Advantage ₦9,750,000

Nord A5 price

Another quality product from Nord automobiles, is designed to provide safety and comfort with stylish interior décor.

Eco ₦12,850,000
Advantage ₦15,200,000

Nord Max

A strong car with great balance on the road. Nord max is the best for rough terrains with its high energy and tough exterior build. It comes with two types, one which is powered by diesel and the other which is petrol driven. Price differs for the two, see below.

Diesel Engine ₦8,745,000
Petrol Engine ₦9.144.500

Nord Flit

This is a 14-seater van produced by Nord automobiles. With guaranteed durability and safety, Nord flit is the best choice for group drives or travel. It comes in two makes, the panel van and the window van. Prices differ slightly.


Panel Van ₦9,900,000.00
Window Van ₦10,500,000.00

Nord tank

This is a four-seater pickup van with a strong build. It supports four-wheel drives and is suitable for all road types. It is durable and safe to use.

Diesel Engine ₦11,125,000
Petrol Engine ₦11,700,000

Nord yarn

Elegance, comfort, and versatility are what the Nord Yarn represents. It offers you and your family, friends, and acquaintances a home on the road.

The Nord yarn is the epitome of a family vehicle, its high-performance engines, ergonomically designed interior, and flexible seating arrangement means it can be used for business meetings, informal gatherings and discussions, picnics, camper for athletes, and many more.

The Nord Yarn can be modified to become the most luxurious space in your universe.
It can also be individually built to suit virtually any desire

Eco ₦14,100,000
Advantage ₦15,850,000
Luxury ₦18,200,000


Nord Lasgi

The Nord Lasgi is designed to meet your needs on intercity and long-distance trips. The high-quality materials and parts make the Lasgi a highly durable, safe, and comfortable bus that provides a superior level of comfort, enjoyable drive, and ride experience to the driver and passengers.

This car can be used for different purposes ranging from public transport to luxury treats. Nord Lasgi was created in 2019, and it produces 174 horsepower.


Not currently available.


Is Nord’s car made in Nigeria?

Yes, Nord motors are manufactured, designed, coupled and marketed in Nigeria under Nordmotions or Nord automobile Nigeria limited.

Which Nord motor is the cheapest?

The cheapest Nord motor is Nord A3 Eco which costs ₦8,360,000.

Who owns Nord Automobiles?

Mr Ajayi is the founder and CEO of Nord automobiles

Finally, visit Nord automobiles Nigeria limited official website to purchase any model of your choice.

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