Instapro APK Download 2022 Latest Version | V173.0.039.120

Instapro APK Download 2022 Latest Version – have you been looking for where to download the latest version of the main insta pro mod? Then you are right on track.

Our mystery moddlers have released another tantalizing app, but this time around, its just a better version of our very own instapro. The June update came with even more amazing features to take your chatting and cruising experience on insta to a whole different level.

Interesting isn’t it? do you want to know what’s up? Then follow me on this tour.

Nevertheless, we get that some people might be in hurry. Some prefer to experiment with these new features on their own too. Sequel to this we will be dropping the details of the insta pro latest version, as well as the download link, for such people before proceeding.

Instapro APK Download 2022 Latest Version

App name Insta Pro
publisher Instagram
category social
App size 40 MB
App version V173.0.039.120
compatibility Android, v 5.0 and above
Available on Playstore
Last update July 1, 2022
Download Here

Here we go gist lovers! Let us kick start this tour in earnest.

What is insta pro?

Instapro is simply a modified version of the original Instagram app. At this point, new users might be asking ‘why create a mod for Instagram? Well if you are an adept Instagram user, then you will notice the need for improvements which are not coming.

The insta pro was created with extra features which are lacking in the original version, to enhance the social media experience. The ability to personalize how your Instagram looks, add security to your app and even download Instagram videos and photos directly as in GBwhatsapp gives it an edge.

Currently, there are numerous Instagram mods on the internet, many of which are mere clones with lots of interrupting ads. Most of these mods are insecure and might even tamper with your account information. These mods hinder users from locating the right app – insta pro!

But as there is no dark cloud without a silver lining, there is no problem without a solution. Insta pro stands out above all other Instagram mods. Its amazing design and unique characteristics keep a tab on all other mods of its kind.

As the insta pro evolves, each update brought us new exciting features. Similarly, the latest version of insta pro came with added exciting features which we must check out. Leggo!

Instapro APK Download 2022 Latest Version – App Features

Insta pro is not just the best modification of Instagram for nothing. There is a reason for that title. Insta pro’s features have helped it attain popularity in the android app market.

Before we continue, it is important for us to note that the insta pro and every other Instagram variant/mod are only compatible on Android devices. Sadly enough, IOS users are mission out on this wonderful app.

However, we believe that our IOS brothers are comfortable that way. Okay, we will now proceed with the features of the latest version of insta pro.


The first to check before doing anything online is security. If your account is not well secured, your information might be in trouble. If your app is not secured, you might risk friends getting to confidential stuff.

In fact, the need for top security cannot be overemphasized and that is why security is the top priority in insta pro. The new update provides even better security features than previous versions to keep you and your personal information safe.

Direct Instagram videos/stories Download

In the past (before the inception of insta pro), we have had to go through different processes of which the easiest was screen-recording, to save or get copies of interesting Instagram videos. However, this latest version of insta pro has put that in check.

Now, you can simply download/save Instagram videos and stories by just clicking on them. Life is easy but easier with insta pro!

HD Graphics Display

Are you a lover of quality? You don’t like Instagram videos cause of the poor quality? Download insta pro ASAP!

The latest insta pro version came with more advancements in the graphics display of your app, taking everything up to 4k! Oh my, I caught Chudy in 4k!

Ads Free

This is one of the unique features of insta pro. No advertisements whatsoever in your app! You don’t have to worry about incessant ads which are common in most Instagram mods before now again.

In-built Language Translator

Do you appreciate diversity? Do you want to communicate with people of different tribes and nationalities in their local tongues? Insta pro gat you!

The new version comes with an inbuilt translator that helps you translate chats to desired languages with ease.

Activity Tracker

Do you want to catch that friend that just unfollowed you? Or keep a tab on your followers? The new version of insta pro has made it possible to do so. It is just like the online toast in GBwhatsapp but in an Instagram way.

At this point, I do not know what is keeping you from updating your insta pro, but all I know is that we have come to the end of this tour.


Is insta pro free?

Yes, insta pro is free to download and free to use as well. However, standard data charges apply.

What is the cost of Instapro APK Download 2022 Latest Version?

The cost of instapro APK download 2022 latest version is 40 Megabytes only.

What are other Alternatives to insta pro?

Yes, there are other alternatives of instapro such as OG insta, GB insta, Aeroinsta, etc.

Can I Lock my Instagram App?

Yes, you can add security to your Instagram app and account with insta pro and GB insta.

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