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Global Greengrants Fund is a non-profit international organization that encourages green life by mobilizing and giving grants to civil society organization, individuals and communities to implement policies which are in line with their vision.

It is formed by the same goal-minded donors who believe that sustainable earth is a human right for all. Similarly, this organization mobilize environmental and social justice at the local level.

Since the inauguration of the Global Greengrants Fund (GGF) in 1993, this organization have emerged as one of the leading organizations in local level support. With the help of donors and volunteers, it has been able to impact the lives of millions of people across the world.

Since 1993, the organization have given over 15,000 grants worth more than $120 million in over 168 countries across the world.

Furthermore, this organization has a unique mode of operation which makes it unique and exceptional among others of its kind.

This is because instead of trying to implement agendas in beneficiary countries, they mobilize the people in that area, providing them with financial and all-round support to implement solutions which suites their needs.

Normally, this could bring about rep Tapism and bureaucracy could become a problem with this system, but the Global Greengrants Fund grantmaking model counters it. this model is a product of volunteer experts whose decisions on ideas that are necessary for the area, influence funding by GGF.

Nevertheless, the Global Greengrants Fund focuses on improving certain areas of life ranging from climate to human rights. These areas where the organisation focuses are the action areas.

Global Greengrants Fund Action Areas

the Global Greengrants Fund’s central objective is to find solutions to the global challenges in six major areas. these challenging areas that the Global Greengrants Fund tries to salvage through steady non-profit grant-making are:

  • Climate justice
  • Healthy ecosystems and communities
  • Local livelihoods
  • Right to land water, and resources
  • Women’s environmental action; and
  • Right to defend the environment

Climate justice

In this area, the organization tries to combat the climate crisis that arises due to the globalized energy-powered economy and harmful developments implemented by both governmental and non-governmental bodies.

The GGF believes that the solutions offered by the government and other bodies have not been effective in countering the serious climatic crisis. This is major because they only try to tackle climate change on a national level for their own interest.

In order to bring about climate justice, GGF that funding those most affected by these crises so that they can utilize the resources available to address the climate crisis.

GGF believes that the local people who suffer the most from climate change know the best solutions to this problem, and if given access to adequate funding, can tackle the problem effectively.

Healthy ecosystems and communities

The rise in the development of industries and factories which utilize natural resources are rapidly destroying the balance of the ecosystem. Land pollution, water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution constituted by this development have also made host communities unsafe for living in.

Consequentially, GGF takes action in entrusting the inhabitants of such communities with the power to protect their community and restore the balance of the ecosystem for use by future generations.

By adequately funding affected communities, GGF believes that they will be able to protect and restore land, biodiversity, water and the health of families all over the world.

Local livelihoods

This action area is inspired by Sue Anderson’s quote “when local people can support themselves and their families, the environment wins”.

The rapid increase in industrialization, resource dependence and urbanization poses a threat to the traditional ways of life that local communities depend on.

In order to support local livelihood, GGF partners with local workers who committ their efforts to sustaining their traditional environment, in order to make enough income to survive the effects of threatening developments.

Right to land, water, and resources

The right of access to clean water and safe land is being threatened by several activities which are put in place by the government and wealthy corporations.

These activities such as mining, crude oil mining, construction of hydroelectric dams and other large-scale projects have limited access to clean water and availability of land.

Similarly, deforestation and extinction of wildlife are possible consequences of these activities. To worsen the matter, the inhabitants of the affected areas are the only ones who suffer while the companies on the other hand make a profit without compensation.

To salvage this problem, GGF awards resources directly to the local people who are victims of such conditions. Also, activists are mobilized to seek legal support against such practices and spread awareness amongst others.

Women’s environmental action

This action area looks to compensate for the low level of international philanthropy for women’s initiatives.

GGF is one of the top organizations supporting women’s environmental action initiatives all over the world. It supports over 300 women-led projects yearly.

Right to defend the environment

Over the years, defending our environment has grown from difficult to dangerous. Similarly, Restrictions, repression and outright attacks scare many environmental activists from doing their work.

Consequentially, GGF works to protect the rights of individuals and communities to defend their environment.

Global Greengrants Fund Application and Eligibility

The processes involved in getting the Global Greengrants Fund are a little rigorous. also, it differs with the advisory board in your country.

However, the application follows a general process regardless of the advisory board. The application process progresses in seven stages thus:

  • Identification of promising projects by local advisors through networks;
  • Submission of identified projects as proposals for a grant-making round
  • Proposal review by board advisors. After reviewing the proposal, interviews are conducted via mail, teleconferencing or physical meeting;
  • Conclusion on the proposal to fund by the advisory board;
  • Afterwards, the administrative staff reviews due materials from grantees
  • Followed by the payment of grants by the administrative staff; and
  • Advisors continue monitoring and mentoring grantees.

However, only communities or areas that meet the eligibility requirements for the GGF can get it. the requirements are just that proposals must fall under any of the six action areas for the Global Greengrants Fund.

Also, all grant proposals must be invited by an advisor who will present them to the advisory board for screening.

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