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Facebook dating groups 2022 – connect with singles from different countries across the world, explore the numerous personalities open for relationships and perhaps find a soulmate in Facebook dating groups.

As we all know, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with billions of active users all over the world. The core feature of social media is to eliminate the barrier caused by distance, by connecting people in different locations who can relate and exchange information easily.

Facebook and other social media platforms like Whatsapp messenger, Instagram and WeChat are popular or leading in this aspect. Users on these platforms can chat, voice call, video call, share multimedia content and even transact freely with people in different locations/countries at the cost of little data.

Similarly, steady communication can lead to the rise of friendships and subsequent relationships. Most people connect on these social media networks to mingle with others in the search of new friends and even relationship partners. This is generally referred to as social media dating.

Nevertheless, Facebook is by far the most successful dating network because of its features which makes it easy to access, locate and mingle with people from different places without restriction. These features include the Facebook search option, Facebook dating groups, and even the Facebook dating app.

However, our interest today is Facebook dating groups 2022. i.e, active Facebook dating groups that are available in 2022.

Facebook Dating Groups 2022

Facebook dating groups 2022 are casual groups created by Facebook users for the purpose of connecting singles to mingle and perhaps find a match.

From the inception/introduction of Facebook as a social media network, many dating groups have been created on the network. Some of these groups end up crashing, some metamorphose into scams, while some prospered.

However, new dating groups come up every day and the old ones get boring and subsequently abandoned. Sequel of this, many singles in search of a match have not been able to actually benefit from Facebook dating.

Consequentially, the Facebook dating group 2022 is the list of some worthy dating groups on Facebook which are currently active this year, with high chances of singles mingling and finding a match.

Some of the Facebook dating groups in 2022 include:

These are but a few of the numerous Facebook dating groups 2022. However, the groups above were handpicked for some reasons such as active participation and genuine intention of present participants.

Nevertheless, to enter any of these Facebook dating groups, you must have an account on Facebook. In the sequel to this, let us look at how to create a Facebook account.

How to Create a Facebook Account

To create a Facebook account follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, visit Facebook on google or any other browser;
  2. Alternatively, you can download the Facebook mobile app from the Playstore and the Appstore for android and iPhones respectively;
  3. After that, Click on create an account option to proceed;
  4. Enter your name, email/phone number, date of birth (must be up to 18yrs old), and gender, and generate a password to continue;
  5. Verify your number/email to proceed to your account.

After creating your account, it is advisable to optimize your profile i.e. set a profile/ background picture, add a description, choose your preferences and complete your bio before any other thing. This will increase your chances of attracting a match.

However, you can decide to visit any of the Facebook dating groups without doing this. also, you can search for a specific Facebook dating group by simply using the Facebook search.


Is there a dating group on Facebook?

Yes, there are many dating groups on Facebook. From the inception/introduction of Facebook as a social media network, many dating groups have been created on the network.

Is there no longer Facebook dating?

Facebook dating is still a new feature which is not yet available in every country. currently, Facebook dating is only available in countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, United States, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

Are Facebook dating groups safe?

Facebook dating groups are created with the general aim of connecting singles and love searchers to mingle. However, the rate of cybercrimes and other fraudulent activities on the internet nowadays have ruined this. some Facebook dating groups are safe, while some are just traps set by scammers.

Whichever way, do not disclose discrete information like credit card details, BVN, security code, etc. to anyone who poses as a friend on any Facebook group!

How do I search for a Facebook group?

To locate and possibly join a group on Facebook, enter the name of that group in the Facebook search box and search, from the search results, choose the group you are looking for and send a join request, the admins will review your request if it is a private, for public groups you will automatically become a participant.

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