EEDC customer care number | EEDC Abakaliki customer service.

EEDC Abakaliki customer care number – contact the EEDC Abakaliki district customer care by calling their telephone line on 0804700100. You can also access their customer care unit by visiting the EEDC website.

The EEDC head office in abakaliki is located at no. 27 Awolowo Street, Abakaliki. Their hotline or phone number is 080-47-001-00. Also, you can contact them via email via their email handle:

Learn how to contact EEDC Abakaliki customer service in this post.

EEDC customer service centres in Ebonyi state

Apart from the EEDC head office in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, there are other customer service centres in Ebonyi state. Customers in different parts are to complain or report to the service centre in their area.

Below are the EEDC customer service centres in Ebonyi state and their contact address:

Service Centers Addresses
Owutu Edda Service Centre EEDC Office, Owutu Edda
 Amasiri Service Centre EEDC Office, Amoku-Okposi, Amasiri
Afikpo Service Centre No. 11, Amaechi Ngodo Road, Afikpo
Onueke Service Centre EEDC Office, St Mathew Plaza, Ukwo Road, Onueke
Ishieke Community Service Centre Isieke Office at Ndiabor Ishieke Community
Azuiyiokwu  Service Centre Azuiyiokwu Office at No. 55 Afor ezunna
Isielu Service Centre EEDC Office at Isielu Local Govt. Headquarter
 Okposi Service Centre Okposi/Uburu Office, Court Area Okposi

How to contact EEDC customer care service – Abakaliki district

Most times, there can be some error in your meter reading, unusual power consumption charge, recharge token not working, and many other grievances that need to be reported. In order to lay these complaints of dissatisfactory services or products of the EEDC, you have to contact their customer care service.

Furthermore, there are several ways of contacting the EEDC customer care service. Some of these means are offline and do not require internet access. Meanwhile, some are online and require an internet connection for this purpose.

Nevertheless, all these methods are convenient and easy to follow. However, the online means of contacting the EEDC customer care service are easier and cost less. This does not imply that the offline methods are costly. It is just that activities on the internet are way faster, easier and less time-consuming.

Simply follow the instructions in each category (offline/online) below to contact the EEDC Customer Service, and all of your requests will be sent directly to the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company.

Offline methods

The offline method of contacting EEDC Abakaliki district customer care service includes:

  • Visiting their customer care physical centre; and
  • Contacting them through their customer service number – 0804700100
Visiting the customer care centres

This method of contacting the EEDC customer care service involves physical exercise. You will have to visit any of the EEDC customer care centres in the Abakaliki district. The customer care centres and their address are here.

Via the EEDC customer care number – 0804700100

Contacting EEDC through their customer care number is similar to making an ordinary phone call. You just need to have some recharge or airtime on your SIM to make the call.

All you have to do is place the call using the EEDC customer service number on your mobile device’s dialer. When the call’s customer service representative responds, you will speak up and make all of your requests, inquiries, and comments known.

The customer care representative attending to you will provide answers and possible solutions to your questions and complaints respectively. This is actually one of the best ways of contacting EEDC customer care as no movement is involved.

Online methods

The online methods of contacting the EEDC customer care service include:

  • Via the customer care email handle;
  • Whatsapp platform; and
  • Customer care service webpage.
EEDC customer care email handle (

You can contact the EEDC customer care service and ask questions or lay complaints by simply sending them an email. The EEDC customer care email handle is

To use this method, first of all, copy the email address here. After that, log in to your Gmail or any other email provider. Start a new conversation. Then paste the email handle into the recipient’s box. Furthermore, write your question or complaint. Finally, send the mail.

Shortly after, you will receive a response from the EEDC team relating to your question or complaint. Also, this method can be repeated anytime you want to contact the EEDC customer care service via email.

Whatsapp platform – 08150826061

This method is for people who prefer to use Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a social media platform that enables people to exchange messages and multimedia files with their contacts at standard data charges.

To contact the EEDC customer care service on Whatsapp, first of all, copy their Whatsapp number 08150826061. Secondly, go to your phonebook and save the number with EEDC Abakaliki customer service. After that, open your Whatsapp app and start a chat with the newly added contact.

You will get a response shortly after.

Customer care service webpage

To access the EEDC customer care service through this method, visit the EEDC customer care page on their official website. On the page are some options through which you can ask your questions. Similarly, you can decide to fill the form there with your name, mobile number, email address and comments.

Similarly, you will get a response through the email address you provided in the form or an SMS to the number provided in the form.


In conclusion, the EEDC Abakaliki district hotline number is – 0804700100. Also, the EEDC WhatsApp number is 08150826061. More so, their email handle is – in addition, visit the official EEDC website to learn more.

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