Easystub Employee Login/ Registration&Benefit of using Easystub

Easystub Employee login: This article guilds you in creating, logging in and maintaining your Easystub account. You will also learn the great benefits of using Easystub. So keep reading to learn all.

What is Easystub?

Easystub is a Canadian platform that gives access to your pay stubs and T4 slips online. It is operated and managed by Easypay, a Canadian payroll software company.

A pay stub is a document issued to an employee outlining the payment of their wages for services rendered in a specific period. While a T4 slip is a tax document an employee receives summarizing the amount earned in a year. T4 slips are particular to Canada.

So Easystub receives, stores and allows you to access these documents conveniently.

In the platform, one can view and print his pay stub and T4 slips as soon as they are uploaded by their employer. You can as well save a copy of your pay stub and T4 slip as a PDF file. Once a pay stub is uploaded, it is accessible online for two years.

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Is Easystub Secure?

The documents Easystub handles are very sensitive. So users would be happy to learn that they are safe with the platform. The website is secured and encrypts your personal information. You can access Easystub anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.  

Easystub Employee Login and Registration

Employee Easystub Activation

Easystub allows employers to upload the paystubs and T4 slips of their employees. Employers have to register an Easystub account registered with Easypay. Afterwards, they will receive an Easystub Company ID. Then, they can activate the Easystub feature in Easypay. The employer can include the employee to participate in Easystub.

Also, employers can update individual employees’ information using the Employee Update Utility. The employer can also print personalized instructions for each employer.

Employee Login Easystub

Employees after receiving their personalized instructions from their employer should visit the Easystub Page. Follow the easy steps below to access your paystubs:

  1. Visit the Easystub website. https://www.easystub.ca/
  2. Enter your Company ID, Employee ID and Password in the required fields.
  3. Click on the “Log in” button.

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The website will direct you to a page with the relevant documents you are seeking. Now, you can browse through the list.

You can choose to download the pay stubs or T4 slips. There is also an option to print the files.

Note: You will not be able to complete the Easystub Employee Login if your employee is yet to upload an Easystub file. Your employer must have uploaded a file before you can log in.


How do I log in to my payday?

Using your default browser, go to the Workday Resource Center sign page. Enter your professional email address and password credential, then click sign in.

Who can log in to Easystub?

Only the employees added to the list by their employer at the time of registration on Easystub can log in. this is because they are provided with the login details by the employer.

How long will my paystub and T4 last on Easystub?

The document lasts for two years after it has been uploaded.

For more information, kindly visit their official website. https://www.easystub.ca/


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