Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – The Tactical Nuke Activation

In addition to the ultimate kill-streak rampage on Call of duty: Modern Warfare Is the tactical nuke activation.

on this note, we will review the reviews of the newly released perks of CoD.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was released some weeks back, but players are already enjoying the best part of it already.

while everyone is putting together their special setups and load-outs to win and rule the game online.

we will look at a unique weapon we have been waiting for.

Call of Duty- The Tactical Nuke Article

First, before a player can use the tactical nuke, they must have gotten 30 kills without being killed consecutively.

and all these while using the weapons available in their loadout only.

The Kill Scores have accumulated due to your killstreak bonuses are not part of the tactical nuke killstreak.

Employing a nuke is a wonderful way of expressing the level of your kills in CoD Modern Warfare.

Feeling the strength and the limit of the selected weapon loadout, perk set, and gear set is a stage for earning the nuke in the game’s online platform.

The Nuke does not kill players in a random order, the bomb is dropped off the map, which means you can see the bomb if you are standing at the edge of the map.

Looking out for shockwaves or an explosion, you can indicate that the nuke has been dropped.

A Tactical Nuke detonation results in an automatic win for the player and their team.

However, if a nuke is dropped in a free for all when an enemy has more kills than the nuke user, the nuke will not give the user a win.

Noting once a tactical Nuke is called, the current score will freeze, this means that the scores will not increase.

even when players capture their objectives or kill enemies.

Accessing the Best Loadout on Call of Duty

However, if you prefer the offensive approach maybe more close ranged weapons like submachine guns or shotguns would do the job for you.

To increase or enhance speed and movement, perks like a ghost, Cold-blooded, and double time can come in handy.

Enabling players to maneuver more swiftly through maps without detection.

Meaning, you can not be noticed by your enemy meanwhile sneaking up and taking advantage.

The Nuke on the other hand does not kill players in at random, after the Tactical Nuke explodes, it kills all enemy players who are alive within 5 seconds of its detonation.

Also, note that a player can survive a Nuke strike while in Final Stand or Last Stand.

The Infamous tactical Nuke returns in Call of Duty Online, and it requires 25 gun kills meaning that killstreaks will not count.

After achieving 25 gun kills, the game will end in favor of the nuke user, unlike Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Tactical Nuke, however, does not kill teammates.

Call Of Duty: Mobile Tactical Nuke

In Call of Duty: Mobile, the tactical Nuke returned but with a different name – Nuclear Bomb, where its functions are similar to the Modern Warfare 2 Edition.

Aiming 20 Consecutive gun kills, this killstreak is the toughest to acquire in the call of duty: mobile

and also has the lowest kill requirements in the entire Call of Duty franchise.

It can be unlocked at level 20.

And Unlike in Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: online, activating a nuke does not end the game.

But while playing the Limited time game mode: Attack of the Undead, if a survivor launches a nuke, the game will end and all remaining survivors will win.

Once Activated, a ten-second countdown will display on all player’s screens as the nuclear bomb falls to the ground.

this will however be accompanied by a siren sound.

When the countdown expires, the entire battlefield will be engulfed in white light and bloom as the warhead explodes.

The Time will appear slow, scorestreaks rewards and all vehicles will explode, leaving the enemies to die instantly.

If you activate the Tactical Nuclear Warhead, the player will receive the “Ultimate Terminator” Medal, isn’t that nice?

This end process will also involve a kill cam which everyone will get to see.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Tactical Nuke

The Nuclear warhead returns to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, where it functions and requires 30 kills instead of 25 kills.

Kills by killstreaks, whether by a kill chain or a vehicle in the ground war don’t count towards the required kills.

Hardline and Pointman do not affect it either.

Unlike Modern Warfare 2, instead of slowing down time when the tactical Nuke is launched, players’ vision will white out as the shockwave engulfs them before showing the victory or defeat screen.

Secondly, when winning the game after a nuke is detonated will not end the game.

and if the warhead is called by the squad with a losing score, they can still win the match.

When playing the game mode – Infected

after the survivor manages to get up to 30 kills without being infected, they can opt to call in a nuclear strike.

After the Nuke is launched, it will conclude the match.

the player who called it in will be labeled as the Survivor on the leaderboards and will earn a victory.

Other Survivors who manage to stay alive before the nuke goes off will be switched over to the infected/losing side.

this will also affect their results on the leaderboard.

A Tactical Nuke aka Defcon Nuke will be automatically called in.

when a team manages to capture all five objectives and hold them for 45 seconds in the Ground War.

Ending the match in favor of the said team.

In the case of a multiplayer mode map, the tactical nuclear warhead can be seen descending from the sky until it makes an impact.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Nuke Activation

This Serie was first introduced during the 80’s action heroes event.

The Tactical Nuclear warhead could be earned as a hidden Scorestreaks in the Die Hardpoint Mode.

But before activating this awesome perk, it requires 31 kills.

After the Nuke is detonated, a siren will blare and the nuke would explode killing every player on the map.

All without ending the match.

This Die Hardpoint was replaced by Cranked Hardpoint, where players only need 25 consecutive kills to earn the Tactical Nuke.

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