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CBN TIES Loan Application Portal – apply for the CBN TIES loan as soon as possible!

Is it possible for a student to obtain a loan in Nigeria? Can I sponsor my education even without a scholarship? What can I do to cover the fees for my clearance? Can I apply for the CBN TIES loan? Yes, the central bank of Nigeria is offering 500 million worth of loans to graduates and undergraduates in the country.

The CBN TIES loan was created as part of the tertiary institutions’ entrepreneurship scheme in partnership with universiTIES and polytechnics. This loan was created to help graduate entrepreneurs maximize their chances of survival in the country.

Nowadays, there are several loan schemes in the country. most of these loans are particularly for MSMEs. Example of such loans includes the GEEP loan, SMEDAN loan, covid-19 loan, and many more.

Similarly, students who need empowerment rely on grants, scholarships or bursaries to move on. However, students and graduates stand equal rights to obtain government loans in Nigeria. The CBN TIES loan is one such loan.

The central bank in unity with the tertiary institution entrepreneurship scheme is offering 500million worth of loans to students. This loan will help curb the effects of unemployment and subsequent poverty in the country.

The application for this post is online at the application portal. Learn how to apply for a CBN TIES loan in this article. Also, you will learn the requirements for the application for this loan, and the application portal.

Requirements for CBN TIES loan Application

In order to apply and take a share in the 500million naira loan offered by the central bank of Nigeria, you must meet certain criteria. These criteria are to either confirm your status as a student (graduate or undergraduate) or financial standings.

Sequel to this, applicants must possess the necessary requirements for a fruitful application. The requirements for application for the CBN TIES loan include:

  • A Nigerian citizen by birth, marriage, or naturalization is required for application;
  • Sequel to that, applicants need to have a form of identity; this can be any identity document like a national ID, international passport, and the rest;
  • Furthermore, applicants are students or graduates from accredited institutions in the country;
  • Similarly, graduates must have the minimum of a first degree or an equivalent certificate on graduation;
  • Also, graduates must have served the motherland in the NYSC;
  • Similarly, graduates who have completed their NYSC programme more than seven years ago are not eligible for this loan;
  • Finally, applicants must have proof of entrepreneurship training while still in a tertiary institution.

CBN TIES loan Application portal

The CBN TIES loan application portal is the website for the registration and application of the CBN TIES loan. Visit the CBN TIES website for more details.

Furthermore, graduates have to register in the CBN TIES loan portal in order to qualify for this loan. The application portal is split into two components, one for registration and one for login.

CBN TIES loan application portal | registration portal

In order to qualify for the CBN TIES loan, you have to create a beneficiary account at the registration portal. To do this, you will need your NYSC call-up number, NYSC certificate number, BVN and some bank details.

Follow the steps below to register on the CBN TIES loan registration portal:

  1. Firstly, visit the CBN TIES loan registration portal;
  2. On the TIES term loan pre-qualification form, fill in all the required fields;
  3. Also, select the loan type for sole entrepreneurship or a business;
  4. Provide all your NYSC details (certificate number, year obtained, and year of graduation);
  5. Furthermore, enter your bank details (BVN, bank name, account number, phone number and names);
  6. After that, click on validate to verify the authenticity of the information given;
  7. Following the authentication, proceed to personalize your account with an email address and password; and
  8. Finally, click on submit to finish creating the account.

CBN TIES loan application portal | login portal

This is the second division of the CBN TIES loan application portal. Through this portal, applicants log in to their CBN TIES account. Applicants or participants apply and monitor their loan status through their accounts.

In order to login to your CBN TIES loan account and monitor the approval of your loan, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, visit the CBN TIES loan login portal;
  2. In the login form, enter your registration email and password;
  3. Tick the box that reads ‘remember me’ to save your login details for future visits; and
  4. Finally, click on login to access your account.

Also, you can click on forgotten password to reset your password if lost. Similarly, you can click on ‘don’t have an account to create a new account.


In conclusion, visit the CBN TIES official website to learn more about this loan and how to apply. Also, visit our website at for regular updates on free government loans, job vacancies, job recruitments and many more. Finally, if you have any questions, you can use the comment section.

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