Best Weapons in Call of Duty – Mobile Season 10 2023

Best weapons to use in call of duty mobile season 10 range from assaults, Snipers, grenades and so much more.

Call of duty season 10 world-class is now available and comes with several weapons balance changes that look to mix up the call of duty mobile franchise.

Call of duty mobile season 10: world-class is absolutely packed with content, with the game celebrating three years since its initial release, as well as football stars joining the trends.

Meanwhile, it is still a call of duty and that means guns on that front – we have the new LAPA submachine gun, ballista operator skill, and an interesting signature attachment for the M16 that turns the gun firing mode from burst to fully automatic.

There’s also a violent range of weapon balance changes, buffing, and nerfing of guns across the classes.

With that being the situation, we have to take a look at all weapon classes and rank all guns to the best to use efficiently.

Categories of Best Weapons in Call of Duty

There are nine categories of weapons in COD mobile secondary load out

  1. Shotguns
  2. Submachine guns
  3. Assault rifles
  4. Light machine guns
  5. Marksman rifles
  6. Sniper rifles

Hopefully, I am here to guide you on the best weapon to use on call of duty mobile season 10;

Best Secondary Weapon

Since its introduction in season 6, the L-CAR was our best secondary weapon.

However, that changed with the release of season 9 and the MW11 Pistol was received.

and it’s undoubtedly one of the Best Weapons in Call of Duty.

A classic pistol, the MW11 is highly accurate and can fire as fast as you can click.

and it also has an attachment for you to customize.

Best Shotgun in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10

The best shotgun you can come across in COD this season is the R9-0, it is a mix of semi-auto and pump action shotgun.

It gives the ability for more than one shot before it has to be reloaded, this quick-firing mechanism makes it extremely deadly.  If you don’t land a perfect first shot, you can quickly back up with a more direct target.

With a round magazine with myriad attachments that make it versatile in a way only a few can compete, like the KRM-262, the R9-0 is the true competitor in the COD universe.

Best SMG in COD: Mobile Season 10

The best SMG in season 10 is the CBR4, it was the best in season 9 too but rather bizarrely it has buffed again.

The CBR4 is very handy and easy to carry and reload too, it is the undisputed best SMG for the first half of the year.

therefore, you can expect to kill many and be killed many times by the CBR4 in season 10.

Best AR in COD: Mobile Season 10

The M13 does everyone you want in an assault rifle, its accurate at the range has decent damage output, and has an extremely high fire rate

There aren’t many changes heading into season 10 for the assault rifle class and with that being the case.

we have to stick with the M13.

Best LMG on COD: Mobile Season 10

The Holger 26 was buffed and leveled up with 100 round LMG seeing its damage output and effective range increase.

Making it more deadly and accurate than it was before, In the light machine class, the hades have been buffed.

But heading into season 10, we have yet to find evidence it is better than the powerful Holger 26.

Best Marksman Rifle in COD: Mobile Season 10

The SKS is a popular weapon in the COD universe, this marksman rifle is capable of one-shot kills when hitting headshots and two shots when hitting the upper body.

So if you like to keep your opponents at arm’s length, there’s no better option.

Best Sniper Rifle in COD: Mobile Season 10

The ZRG 20mm is a capable sniper rifle, good at one-shooting. But the DL Q33 pips it because of its greater mobility and fast firing rate.

The DL Q33 has all the best features from the scope, to firing rate, and reloading. And the effects are very capable of taking down an enemy.

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