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Even though eBay has a lot of benefits, we will be discussing  Awesome online shopping sites Like eBay, and yes I hope this review will be useful for you.

The good thing about having several eBay alternatives where you can sell your products, and another countless problem about selling on eBay is that the fees can be a bit high at times.

we are going to categorically classify our listing to distinguish it from our beloved audience.

Awesome Online Shopping Sites Like eBay To Sell Your Products.

If you are a shopaholic, you’ll know that eBay can sell about anything.

alternatives allow you to sell specific items online.

but in this category, we will look at sites that allow you to sell anything.

1. Amazon

Amazon is a great source for selling anything, their store gives rates on items of different factors.

On Amazon, you can display your goods for a large audience to scale through.

It’s usually best for selling new or handmade items bid, although some people still make money selling used stuff.

2. eBid

This is a similar site to eBay in which you can sell literally anything as far as it’s legal.

their collections range from clothing, sports goods, arts, jewelry, and many more.

The main difference between eBid and eBay is that you’ll never pay more than 3% to sell on eBid. and there’s a lifetime selling fee of $99.98 to sell as much as you want.

3.  Craigslist

You must probably already know how Craigslist works, but it’s an awesome Site Like eBay. One problem is that when you sell on Craigslist, you won’t get as big of an audience as you will on eBay.

Another great thing about craigslist is free, with no listing or selling fees.

you will have to pay for delivery if you decide to ship your items to your customers.

Using Craigslist you can also meet up in person with your buyer since most buyers reside locally.

4.  OfferUp

This site helps people sell their products locally, and don’t get charged a selling fee at all.

OfferUp is an organized and helpful site aimed at improving local transactions, OfferUp has all of the categories that eBay, Craigslist, and similar sites do.

Such as clothing, kid stuff, household, cars, trucks, etc. are all available from different sellers.

you need to set rules about shipping fees if your customer chooses to have his item shipped.

5.  Facebook

Selling on Facebook is generally even more local than on Craigslist or similar sites, as you can often sell to people in a group that exists right in your own province.

The Facebook groups could be another great way to sell your stuff locally as an alternative to putting it on eBay.

You can sell to people you know – which can take some of the risks out of selling on any old regular sites

6. Bookoo

Bookoo is bigger in some states than it is in others, it is relatively used for buying and selling locally.

they’ve got listings in nearly every neighborhood and as well as countries too.

There are no listing or selling fees with Bookoo and you can just meet up with your neighbors for trade as you would on Facebook or any other site here.

with arranged shipping, you can get your items all over the world too.

7.  Poshmark

this site helps you sell wear of different varieties, they can take a flat fee of $2.95 for all items sold under $15.

and when your sale is $15 over, it takes a flat 20% of the item price, they also provide prepaid shipping as well.

8. Vinted

Vinted is designed to make buying, selling, and swapping easy, as users can also swap secondhand or used products for a bargain.

you can also make purchases using debit or credit cards or you can pay via PayPal.

but keep in mind there will be extra charges using Paypal or the credit card processor.

9. Tradesy

This site helps you sell your used designers, clothes, bags, and shoes, used or new.

Tradesy keeps a 19.8% commission on the product you sell for $50 or more, and items sold for less will pay a $7.50 commission fee.

Secondly, they send you a free box and prepaid shipping label.

thirdly, they can help you set a price for your items and they will handle any returns to you.

10. Decluttr

This site specializes in buying your used cell phones, tablets, gaming systems, and every other electronic you have with you.

Using Decluttr to sell your products is simple, you need to enter the type of product you have to sell.

when you have a bargain deal, you can pay via Paypal, after you agree to others you send your electronic products using their free shipping label.

they can also take your product and sell it to consumers, taking the tedious work of dealing with prospective buyers, meet up, and other important stuff.

11. SellCell

SellCell looks for the best deal from most buyers by providing the right deals in place.

Just visit the site, enter the make, model, and condition of your cell phone and SellCell can still provide a list of companies and their potential offer.

From there, click the link to the site and finish the deal, it is simple.

12. Swappa

This marketplace is kept safe by not allowing damaged items to be sold. as far as fees are concerned, this site does things differently.

Swappa is a site equipped toward helping you sell your old technologies for a bargain price.

However, Swappa charges a listing fee, but they are paid by buyers at the time of purchase.

13. Etsy

Etsy is an awesome site like eBay, where you sell all sorts of things – from vintage items to everyday household items.

well, there are some guidelines regarding selling homemade items, but the listing and prices are cheaper than expected.

you’ll have to pay 20 cent listing fee to sell on Etsy, once you sell you’ll pay a 3.5% transaction fee and a 3% payment processing fee.

payments can be made from debit cards to credit cards and as well as PayPal.

14. Bonanza

This is a very unique site that doesn’t charge sellers any listing fee, monthly store fees, or any other fee.

If you decide to sell on Bonanza, you’ll have to pay the 3.5% base rate on the item you’ve sold.

However, if you choose to you can pay an additional fee if you opt for advertising.

With Bonanza, you can sell men’s and women’s wear, home garden items, health and beauty products, including a vast range of collectibles.

15. Ruby Lane

With Ruby Lane, sellers can sell high-quality, vintage items as well as furniture and antiques to mention a few.

This website has a one-time set-up fee of $100, a 19-cent-per-item transactional fee, and a monthly storage fee of $69 per item.

This is an open space for the vintage enthusiast as you can’t really be sure what will pop up with a cheap price.

This is the end of Awesome Online Shopping Sites Like eBay reviews.

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