Apple Internships 2022 | Apply for Fully Funded Apple Internships

Apple Internships 2022 – available in different cohorts at the IT Company without IELTS or other language proficiency barriers.

Do you want to land a career in tech? Here is a great chance for you to start with one of the best options. The Apple Internships 2022 is open for all international students all year round.

It will also play a big role in recruiting talented people into various key positions in the company and its outlets. Apple already has a broad market, with products that require multiple disciplines to make them marketable.

That is one of the reasons it offers a year-long internship to students in their penultimate years at the university.

Why intern at Apple Inc.? For many reasons, of course. But apparently graduates with good experience gained from a reputable company are usually preferred over those without any work experience at all.

Apart from merely having an Apple Inc. intern on your CV, you can gain other benefits from the program.

We explain the benefits, internship goals, and application steps here in this article. Read on below for details

Apple Internships 2022: Overview

Apple understands the need to expose graduates to real-life applications beyond theoretical or lab work. So, it provides a tutelage period for interns to work in the company.

You can join the Apple Internships 2022 cohort for this year’s program. And these are some of the reasons you should consider.

Ease of landing a job

As we mentioned previously, graduates have a hard time getting satisfactory work in their dream fields if they don’t have prior experience. But the story is different if you have an Apple intern tag attached to your CV.

Moreover, you also get a paycheck at the end of the month. How many internships can offer monthly draws? Only so few

The ease of getting a dream job comes with having the adequate experience to boot, including acquiring the said experience from a reputable company. Apple puts that opportunity in your laps through its Apple Internships 2022.

Acquire Skills

Workers typically migrate to better, well-paid positions after learning the new skills required in that section. They’ll rely on loads of materials to get to grips with the toolset, ethics, and delivery for the job specification.

However, you need not go through all that process if you could intern at a diverse establishment.

Apple runs a full-coverage program for skills like software education, critical thinking, project communication, and problem-solving skills. It also guarantees a hands-on application of these skills during the Apple Internships 2022 period.

In the long run, interns will have a solid description in their résumé, enabling them to boost their chances of landing a job after the program. They also become confident and ready to engage in routine work efficiently.

Moreover, you will get monthly payments for the duration of the internship. See below for details.

Apple Internships _ Salaries

You can get paid monthly for your internship period via the Apple Internships 2022. The pay draft is typical of most big tech companies in the US, but working with Apple Inc. has its perks. One of these is salary. Here is what it looks like.

Interns get paid proportionately per hour, depending on the US state. Boston, Massachusetts, pays $18.87 per hour. Houston, Texas, offers $2 less than the Boston figure.

However, New York, Chicago, and Washington DC each pays $19.15, $17.93, and $19.13 per hour.

Apple can retain talented interns to continue working with the company in senior roles, implying an increment in the paycheck. It also implies more demanding and profitable roles for the former intern.

See who is eligible for this Apple Internships 2022 program in the following section.

Eligible Countries

The Apple internship is available for countries in these regions _

The Caribbean,



The Asia Pacific,

Latin America, and

Middle East.

These countries can also offer interns:

the United States,

Canada, and



No intern from these places needs to write an IELTS to qualify for the Apple Internships 2022. So, applicants from non-English speaking countries are eligible for the program, provided they meet the English proficiency threshold for jobs and internships run by Apple.

See how to apply for the internship in the following section.

Apple Internships 2022 _ How to Apply 

Apple provides different cohorts for its annual programs. You can search the official website for an opening and apply within the priority period.

Also, check that the available internship is employing workers in the position you want, which should be one you can handle well. Then, you can use these steps to apply for the position.

  • Prepare a letter explaining your preference and expertise referencing the available positions.
  • Highlight skills or student awards that could earn you a credit point.
  • Explain in concise terms why you are best suited for the position.
  • Moreover, reference previous Apple Internships 2022 timelines to explain how the job will benefit you.
  • Ensure that the details in your letter are accurate.
  • Also, check that the documents are in the proper sizes (the right passport size).
  • Then liaise with Apple Inc. HR for a submission portal.

Please, do not duplicate your application because you can lose your chance to ever apply for an Apple internship.

Apple internships are usually open throughout the year. However, the duration is variable depending on whether an intern opts for full-time or part-time with the company. Other activities will also be adjusted to accommodate students, allowing them to combine their internship with other round-up work at school.

You don’t have to be a tech geek to get a slot. All you have to do is apply in the relevant department for the role you are qualified for, although basic IT knowledge pays off eventually. Apart from the tech roles, you can work at an Apple Store or an Apple Shop.

At the end of the program, interns can get good recommendations for jobs in their areas of expertise.

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